About Abode Impressions

The owner and designer of Abode Impressions, Kristen, began considering design as a career as a freshman while studying in the Art & Design school at the University of Michigan. As a final project, students were asked to design a place where they could relax. As luck would have it, Kristen designed a table, four coasters, and a bean bag chair (pictured below). If she could go back, let's just say she would definitely do a few things differently now 😂.

Entering her junior year, she switched her degree program to architecture. She found herself using the wood shop quite frequently. At that point, she knew she wanted to have a business where she could design furniture and other home decor. 

Yet, even with a passion for design she decided to pursue a graduate degree in Real Estate and Urban Planning at Cornell University. While in her last year, the pandemic hit and Kristen moved back to Detroit and would complete her graduate studies virtually in May of 2020.  

One thing is for certain, no matter how much you try to avoid your passion, it always finds its way back to you. Kristen, researched, studied and tried out new materials everyday for four months before launching Abode Impressions in October of 2020. She is currently the only designer and focuses on custom and handmade interior decor primarily using resin, wood, and acrylic paint and cement.

If asked about the future of Abode Impressions, Kristen would tell you the following: "I hope to grow Abode Impressions into a household interior decor brand. A brand where you can purchase unique pieces that you use everyday but feel and look like modern art. You would no longer need or have to shop at popular home good stores. When you see our pieces, you would know it was created by Abode."

~K. Nicole, Owner & Principal Designer