Why are products only released on the 1st of the month? 

  • We release our products once a month to ensure the products have had enough time to cure before shipping. Our process also allows us to take care of all custom orders throughout the month and plan for the following month's new releases!

How long does my custom order take to process?

  • We will immediately send your invoice for your custom order following your consultation. During the consultation you'll be informed of production time and estimated delivery date. 

Can I change my custom order after I've already placed it? 

  • We will try our very best to accommodate your request. Please email us right away with any changes you may want @info@abodeimpressions.com. We unfortunately will not be able to change custom orders once they have been started. 

Am I able to place large quantity orders for an event? 

  • Absolutely, we would be happy to work with you to create your special order! We prefer at least a month lead time, but we're happy to squeeze you in when possible. Email us to book your consultation info@abodeimpressions.com and we will do our best to fulfill your request!