Epoxy Surface Consultation

Our Epoxy Surface Consultation allows our team to walk through your space with you to determine estimated project cost, timeline, and style choices - at absolutely no cost to you! Should you decide to move forward with us, we will schedule your service for our next available project date.   

Our Epoxy Service in Four Steps:

  1. Schedule your in-home consultation
  2. Select your style, or create your own 
  3. Schedule your 3 day install 
  4. Enjoy your new space!

Why Should You Choose Epoxy Surfaces:

  1. Durable surface, moisture and heat resistant. 
  2. Cheaper than granite and marble but achieves the same look. 
  3. Refinishing surface - goes well over existing surfaces such as laminate or wood.

Fill out our form below to get started, and we will contact you within 24hours to schedule your consultation. We look forward to servicing you soon! 


*We are currently booking installations for the end of September 2022. We will offer epoxy flooring installations starting November 2022, but you are still able to book a consultation now.* 
Last updated June 17, 2022