Before We Get Started, Read Our FAQs!

Congratulations on taking the first step to creating your custom piece from Abode Impressions! 
The only way to order a custom piece is by scheduling a consultation first!


Which consultation should I choose?

    • Product Consultation - Book our product consultation to request items in a different style or color. If you'd like a product not currently offered on our site, please send us an email (info@abodeimpressions.com) or give us a call (231-846-8048).  
    • Interior Design Consultation - Book our interior design consultation if you're looking for help designing your space. This service comes with a maximum of three design boards (1/room), with additional boards available upon request. Each board will take into account your personal style and room size. Upon completion of the consultation, you will receive 3+ design boards complete with wall color/flooring suggestions, furniture, and accessories. To compliment your board, we will provide a purchasing template which allows you to easily mix and match products within your budget. 

How long will the consultation last?

    • 15min-1hr. 

    Do I need to pay for a consultation?

      • Product Consultation - Yes, $25. This fee is applied towards your product purchase.
      • Interior Design Consultation - Yes, $25. This fee is applied toward your $75 total purchase. $75 includes three design boards and purchasing templates. Add additional design boards for $25/design. 

    Is my consultation fee refundable?

      • No, but all consultation fees are applied towards your purchase. If you need to reschedule please notify us 24hrs in advance of your appointment to avoid forfeiting your consultation fee. 

    How soon does my project start after I have the consultation?

      • Once we discuss your piece, pricing, and timing we will book you for our next available project start date. The production of your project will not start until your invoice is paid in full.

      I'm not in Michigan, can I still book a consultation? 

        • Absolutely, please start by emailing us (info@abodeimpressions.com) and we will go from there!

        Do I need to prepare anything for my consultation? 

          • Just bring your ideas and references and we will bring our creativity!

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